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Support Team

Do you have the want to serve your community, but cannot or do not want to become a firefighter or EMS responder Sublimity offers a program for you. Sublimity has a Support Team for individuals that want to help the community, but do not want to become a firefighter. This is also a great way to get established in the fire district and see if you want to become a firefighter. Members of the support team coordinate social activities, assist firefighters on scene, fill air bottles and more. If the support team interest you and/or you want to learn more click hereso our recruiter can set up a time to meet with you.


  • Must be over 16 years of age

  • Have valid Oregon drivers license

  • Have no record of criminal background

  • Be in good health 

  • Pass drug test and doctors physical

  • Be able to attend district events regularly 


  • Training 

  • Helping Others

  • Self Fulfilment 

  • Work Experience 

  • Meet New People 

Application Process

  • Submit Interest Card

  • Board of Review 

  • Chiefs Interview

  • Background check 

  • Drug Screen

  • DMV Check

Start The Process To Join The Ranks Today

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