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Volunteer Firefighter

Being a volunteer firefighter is a great way to help your community, and learn new skills that will last a life time. Sublimity's volunteer firefighters provide fire and rescue protection to the community, and also respond to medical emergencies. Sublimity responds out of two stations the main station located in Sublimity and the sub-station that is north east of Sublimity in the Drift Creek area. Are you ready to join the ranks or learn more about what it takes to join the ranks of Sublimity Fire District then click here, so our recruiter can set up a time to meet with you.


  • Must be over 18 years of age

  • Have a valid Oregon driver license 

  • Have a clean driving record

  • Have no record of a criminal background

  • Be in good health

  • Have a desire to help others

  • Pass drug test and doctors physical


  • NFPA Fire Training

  • Medical Training  

  • Workers Compensation

  • Life Insurance 

  • Life Flight Membership

  • Incentive Awards 

  • Continuing Education

  • Community Involvement 

  • Having Fun

Application Process

  • Submit Interest Card

  • Board of Review 

  • Chiefs Interview

  • Background check 

  • Drug Screen

  • Physical Exam

Start The Process To Join The Ranks Today

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